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Friday, March 9, 2012

Rainbow Eddy Math

Get Grandmother Dana to look at this post.

Notes on chat with Grandmother Comfort in the Wind.

On Fri, Mar 9, 2012 at 3:38 PM,
3:14 PM me: The email is places lv, las vegas.
  shoe 2. second one horn.
3:15 PM 1.shoe
  31 1+3
3:16 PM June 31 2012.
  1+2 =3
3:17 PM 3 to 4 (11+20=31)
3:18 PM Time is eleven (11)
  one week four days.
  June 6.
  6+6 is 12.
  6 month is June.
  Solstice of the Sun
3:19 PM Highest point of the sun, longest day.
3:20 PM homeland security in June star of heaven.
3:21 PM 11 days and 4 days is one week.
  15 days, oh the dream, 15 colors.
3:22 PM 11+4+10=25
  oh, 24 hours, however, there is leap, which is in quarters.
3:24 PM crystaline river streams (4) as one that flows across to the new world (10), that equals 25 or the blossoming flower.
3:25 PM 56 degrees is?
3:26 PM extra one june 31st.
  reflection and vision of the dream is 11.
  took zero away is 56.
3:27 PM Switching, upside down.
  north pole to the south pole, that's the end of light and beginning of darkness which is heaven.
3:28 PM crysatalline flips.

5 minutes
3:33 PM me: June 4'th is a full moon and it's earth. Go back four and counting down, waning. Two, back and forth.
3:34 PM July on the 3 full moon.
  September is 2nd full moon.
  not september.
  August. is the 2.
3:38 PM Okay, we will finish interpretation later for the blogposting.

Here I lie beneath the snow (crystalline stone river), the blessings of my heart do show upon the window seal(it with a kiss)/sill(envision) of love, I gift to you the sacred dove!

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